Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember or ITS (English: Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) is a public university in Surabaya, East Java,Indonesia, focused in the higher education of science, engineering and technology. ITS took its name from the Battle of Surabaya which reached its peak on November 10, 1945. The day is also commemorated as Heroes day in Indonesia. The ITS acronym does not stand for Institut Teknologi Surabaya (Surabaya Institute of Technology), as some people think, but Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (November 10 Institute of Technology).


In the first years of Indonesian independence the need for educated engineers was felt. In response, several members of PII (Indonesian Engineers Association) in East Java and Dr. Angka Nitisastro, a medical doctor, set up a foundation to start a technical college in Surabaya. Perguruan Teknik 10 Nopember Surabaya or November 10 Technical College was established in 1957. Its establishment charter was signed by Indonesia’s first president,Soekarno.

At first, ITS only had two departments, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Later it expanded with the opening of Electronic Engineering, Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments. These departments later evolved into faculties. Today, ITS has several campuses, spread all over Surabaya.

In 1977, with financial aid from ADB, ITS started to build a campus complex in the Sukolilo district in eastern Surabaya. Since then, all departments and faculties have moved to the new campus.

In the early 1980s reorganization took place in ITS, the former faculties are down-graded into departments and merged into common discipline faculties. Hence the new ITS organization comprises 4 faculties, namely the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, and the Faculty of Marine Technology.

In 1988, ITS opened its first polytechnic branch, Shipbuilding Polytechnic of Surabaya and followed by the second, Electronic Engineering Polytechnic of Surabaya.

In 2001, at the suggestion of the Indonesian fourth president, Abdurrahman Wahid, a Faculty of Information Technology was created. It consists of a department of Computer Science and a newly created department of Information System.

International accomplishments

The website of ITS lists a number of international accomplishments for students and faculty. Among the more notable of these, student Cristian Perdana Adistana won first place in the ICT Award in 2007 and teams from ITS participating in the Maritime Challenge contests took prizes in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

Faculties and Departments

There are 5 faculties and two autonomous polytechnics in ITS. These polytechnics offer diploma programmes.

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Statistics
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Biology
  • Faculty of Industrial Technology
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Department of Chemical Engineering
    • Department of Engineering Physics
    • Department of Industrial Engineering
    • Department of Material Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil and Planning
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Department of Architecture
    • Department of Environmental Engineering
    • Department of Industrial Design
    • Department of Geomatics Engineering
    • Department of Regional and Urban Planning
  • Faculty of Marine Technology
    • Department of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering
    • Department of Marine Engineering
    • Department of Ocean Engineering
  • Faculty of Information Technology
    • Department of Informatics Engineering
    • Department of Information System
  • Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya EEPIS
  • Surabaya Shipbuilding State Polytechnic SSSP


ITS currently has three campuses in Surabaya. Its major campus is the ITS Sukolilo campus in the Sukolilo district east of Surabaya. All undergraduate programs are located here along with the postgraduate centre, administrative building and main library.

Another smaller campus located in Manyar district, which is place for Civil Engineering diploma programme. Third campus is Cokroaminoto Street, where the postgraduate Technology Management Magister programme is located.

Research (Centres and Facilities)

  • Research and Society Service Centre (LPPM)
    • Environmental Centre
    • Energy Centre
    • Earth and Disaster Mitigation Centre
    • Marine Centre
    • Industrial Centre
    • IT & Multimedia Communication Centre
    • Continuing Education Unit
    • Intellectual Property Rights Unit
  • RIMA-ITS (Research Institute For Web and Mobile Application – ITS )
  • Laboratory for Housing and Human Settlements

Student activities

ITS has variety of student organizations involving in politic, religiosity, sports, arts, and other activities.

  • Student Executive Organization.
  • Student Legislative.
  • Manarul ‘Ilmi Masjid Members.
  • Siklus students environmental organization
  • ITS Students Choir
  • ITS Radio
  • ITS Scout
  • “Tiyang Alit” Theatre
  • “dr Angka” students cooperative
  • Workshop of Entrepreneurship & Technology (WE&T-ITS)
  • Sport activities
    • Football
    • Jiu jitsu
    • Karate
    • Pencak Silat
    • Basketball
  • Loedroek ITS. Loedroek basically is traditional East Java play. However, it is converted to be more modern and contemporary style.

There are also organizations for religious activity. Every department also has its own student union.

Academic facilities and campus life

Main academic activities at ITS are run in standard-size classrooms and medium- and large-capacity theaters equipped with multimedia devices connected to central ICT network and hotspots, designed for e-learning. The classrooms and theatres are also used for seminars and teleconferences.

In conjunction with the primary program of lab-based education, ITS manages at least 168 science and engineering laboratories which are spread all over 22 departments, accommodate facilities to support academic and research activities and public and community services.

The central library is in a six-storey building with a collection 61,000 textbook titles, 10,000 documents related to under graduate final year projects, postgraduate theses, research project reports and scientific journals. In addition, at each department and faculty a smaller library or reading room is available. If added together, a collection of 100,000 printed matters and soft copies are available. ITS Press is a unit to boost publications chiefly by ITS academic staff and researchers. The library collection is accessible through LAN and Internet.

The overall ICT facilities and networks are managed by the ITS Computing Center, which provides 1.0 kbit/s for each student to meet the UNESCO standard. ITS Computing Center with the Multi-Media Center provide digital information via website and other appliances for internal and external purposes.

The Cultural and Language Center at ITS supports international culture activities and courses in foreign languages, such as English, French, Germany, Japanese, Mandarin and Arabic.

To enhance the atmosphere and student lives, general and sport facilities are consistently made available. Student community center, general stores, bookstores, and canteens are in a centralized area. Dormitory has been enhanced lately to accommodate 1,200 students; a number of guest houses are provided. Graduations are conducted at a general functional hall with a capacity of 4,000. Sport facilities can be found on the campus: a stadium and football ground, futsal courts, basket ball courts, tennis courts, wall climbing, gymnasium and indoor badminton courts, rafting canal and jogging tracks.

Overall, ITS occupy a land area of 187 hectares.

General Facilities

  • General Functional Hall: Ghra 10 Nopember
  • Student Community Centre
  • Student Dormitory
  • Canteens

Sport Facilities

  • Football Stadium
  • Basketball Lanes
  • Futsal Lanes
  • Lawn Tennis Lanes
  • Mount Climbing Vertical Wall (25m height)
  • Sport Hall
    • Indoor badminton (3 lanes)
    • Indoor basketball
    • Indoor futsal
    • Martial Arts

Prominent alumni

  • Prof. Moh. NUH the current Minister of Communication and Information, Republic of Indonesia, was formerly the Rector of ITS for the period of 2003 – 2007, graduated from the Dept of Electrical Engineering
  • Prof. Widi A Pratikto, Secretary General, Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia, graduated from the Dept of Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding Engineering
  • H Harijogi, Secretary General, Ministry of Transport, Republic of Indonesia, graduated from the Dept of Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding Engineering
  • Sumino, Secretary General, Ministry of General Works, Republic of Indonesia, graduated from the Dept of Civil Engineering
  • Kristiono, President Director of PT Telkom (State-owned Telecommunication Company), graduated from the Dept of Electrical Engineering
  • Widya Utama, President Director of PT Pertamina (State-owned Oil & Gas Company), graduated from the Dept of Electrical Engineering
  • Dwi Soetjipto, President Director of PT Semen Gresik (State-owned Portland Cement Company), graduated from the Dept. of Chemical Engineering
  • Hermin Sarengat, President Director of General Electric Indonesia, Ltd, graduated from the Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Puteri Indonesia 2007 (Miss Universe Indonesia 2008), Putri Raemawasti is an ITS student in the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Prominent attendees

  • Hermawan Kartajaya, the President of World Marketing Association a former ITS student, dropped out due to economic problems.
  • The current Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, briefly studied at ITS in the Mechanical Engineering department before he entered the Indonesian Military Academy (AKABRI)
source : wikipedia

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