Hitler Ever Order Sex Toys for His troops

Adolf Hitler was never ordered a sex doll for his army. Nazi leaders were worried because many soldiers who fell ill with venereal disease. Hitler’s troops got the disease because of frequent sex with prostitutes in France.

The claim is revealed by Graeme Donald. The author opens the ‘secret’ Hitler through Mussolini’s Barber titled his book, a compilation of stories bizare connected with The Biggest events of history.

In the book, Donald reveals Hitler’s Nazi scientists were ordered to make a sex doll. The goal, in order to soldiers to avoid venereal disease. Sex doll project was started in 1940 with the name of the project, “Borghild Project”.

Hitler ordered a sex doll is after receiving a report from the Head of the SS-Special Forces-Nazi, Heinrich Himmler. “The greatest danger in Paris is a whore. They’re everywhere, bars, dance halls and almost throughout the city, “he wrote to Himmler. He also notes, it’s time we seek a solution of this problem.

According to Donald, Hitler approved the creation of sex dolls are blond and blue eyed. The size is small and does not take a lot of places in the backpacks of the soldiers.

Sex doll was tested in a barracks. It turns out successful, Himmler really impressed with the blond doll, he then ordered 50 seeds for the troops.

In 1942, the project was closed because many soldiers are ashamed to bring this sex doll. Moreover, when until captured by the allies. The evidence of this project was destroyed when Dresden was bombed by the allies.


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