This is The Mysterious Faces in Dreams Thousands of People around the World

LONDON – A site located at has made many people curious. Sites that display the sketch of the face of this mysterious man asks each pengaksesnya provide information if they ever dreamed of those faces.

That said, his face in the sketch is already present in the dreams of thousands of people around the world. Maybe that’s why many people are curious and try to access it. This site later became an instant hit with heavy traffic access.

The site was mentioned, a sketch of the mysterious man’s face was first drawn by a woman who was undergoing therapy sessions with his personal psychiatrist three years ago. The woman said the man’s face repeatedly in his dream present. Such information is quoted from the Big News Networks.

Based on the information in the same site, the woman claimed to have never seen or met him before. Surprisingly, other patients who saw a sketch of the face of the mysterious man also claimed to have dreamed about him.

Then, when the psychiatrist sends the images to colleagues, some patients also recognize his face.

Now, the picture is posted on the internet. In just two weeks since posted, the site which displayed a sketch of the man’s face immediately became a phenomenon. Even some accessor admitted difficult access. In guessed, this is due to so many people who want to know so as to make access to dense traffic.

However, many are criticizing the presence of this site and mentioned that the sketch of the man’s face is just a deliberately false news to cause a sensation.


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