Chewing Gum and Apparel

Often gum much-loved by all the teenagers, children, to adult. But not only that, the benefits of chewing gum is actually a lot. Chewing gum to clean teeth, because it is soft and not easily broken, and we stick to the teeth and chew again. Automatic crusts that are in the teeth and the remains of food raised will go well.
Chewing gum also helps to remember and relieve the pressure of doing the test. This was stated by Reading University. They state that people who are chewing gum scored higher than people who are not chewing gum. Some research shows chewing gum can increase blood flow to the brain as much as 25%.
Oh no …, chewing gum stuck to the clothes!
Sometimes children are not responsible for removing chewing gum in indiscriminate places, eg in public seating. And usually people who do not know it would be affected and they usually look annoyed and confused.
But now no longer a need to worry about, we can rub it with egg white in the affected gum thoroughly, then soak it in water wear clothing that will be free of gum. This method is only present on a new chewing gum stains, not to that of the first attached to the clothing.


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